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Zombie Paintball Expedition is unlike any other Haunted Attraction you’ve visited! A typical Haunted House has people jump out and scare you, but we put you in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse! Yes, a Zombie Apocalypse where you have to fight off REAL life zombies. Think of it like a video game, (ie. Left for Dead, Call of Duty, Gears of War), where you get to hunt Zombies!

Every Zombie Hunter will start with approximately 100 Flesh-Eating Ammo Balls (included in your ticket price), but trust us, you’re going to want EXTRA AMMO! If you run out of ammo on the battlefield, don’t worry! There will be multiple stops to purchase refills. Customers wanting to use credit cards will need to purchase all additional ammo at sign in.

Refills are $10 for up to 100 extra flesh eating ammo balls – so don’t worry, we will give you every opportunity to save your life and your friends lives!

This interactive ride is fun for all ages!

.FREE Parking available on premises

How do you fight the ZOMBIES?

– First, 10 people will be placed on a CDC Armored Fighting Vehicle loaded with ammo and resembling a trailer pulled by our CDC vehicles

– You will NEVER get off the CDC Armored Fighting Vehicle. The Vehicle will transport you around the entire grounds to hunt zombies. There will be no walking through a haunted house. – Think of it like a haunted hayride, but with weapons!

– Each trailer is equipped with Zombie Killing Weapons, one for each person. These weapons are similar to paintball guns, and they shoot special illuminating flesh eating acid ammo balls used to kill zombies!

– Each person will be given 100 rounds of illuminating, flesh eating acid ammo to shoot at zombies.

– If you’re trigger happy and you use all your ammo don’t worry, you can purchase with cash, more throughout the trailer ride.  If you are using a credit card, again these additional rounds must be purchased at sign in.  Shoot as many zombies as many times as you want!

– Throughout the ride, LIVE zombies will try and approach the trailer and your job is to annihilate them! Don’t worry the zombies will NOT be shooting back at you.

How To Purchase Tickets:

General Admission Tickets can be purchased at the sales window, no need for reservations. You can just show up and buy your tickets at the window for $15.00. This gets you the ride and 100 rounds of illuminating ammo.


Fast Pass Tickets are time specific slots that get you in the action of shooting zombies more quickly. The fast pass is its own lane separate from the general admission lane. Fast Pass tickets can only be booked online and are only $20.00. This price not only includes the ride and the 100 rounds of illuminating ammo, it also gets you a specific time slot of your choosing in the FAST PASS LANE!

Checklist before you come:

– Zombie Paintball Expedition is for all ages. If you’re up to the challenge and can pull a trigger, then you can join the fun.

– The wait sometimes can be a little long. There will be multiple lines, kind of like a movie theater.

LINE 1: The ticket booth line, to purchase your ticket.

LINE 2: The line to actually get inside the Zombie Paintball Apocalypse attraction for patrons that purchased at the window.

LINE 3: Reserved Seating and Time line:  This will allow you to pick a time and seat on a trailer so that you can get in, kill the zombies, and get out.


Elite Sports Complex
7928 S. Old Hwy 81: Assaria, KS 67416


Fri – Sat (ONLY THIS SEASON): Dark – 11:00 pm

Please Note: Closing time is the time the lines are closed off, not the time the ride itself closes.  All customers who have purchased entries by this time will be allowed to participate in the ride.


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